⚡️Book Alert Monday⚡️

¡¡Hola mi gente!!

I hope everyone had a great time spending it with their loved ones this holiday season!

So, it has been a little while since I’ve posted so I’m bringing the latest books I’ve purchased…
Loitering by Charles D’Ambrosio
The Empathy Exam by Leslie Jamison Happiness Like Water by Chinelo Okparanta
The Unspeakable by Meghan Daum The Labyrinth of Solitude by Octavio Paz

And many more books to come! Enjoy! #books #blogger #loverofbooks #booksgivemelife #loveoflibros

Writing Challenge ~30 day

Day 1: 10 minute prompt: My intention for today is…


My intention for today is to organize and clean my space. It is cluttered, messy and not the way I want it to look. The saying goes, a cluttered room= a cluttered mind. And I have been feeling this way- that my mind is in chaos. Thinking of all I have to do, look for, achieve, maintain, decide, be, do. And it feels very confusing which is why I am starting all these writing challenges, which seem to align oddly enough and will help me work on being consistent and will help me organize myself and my thoughts. But there are no coincidences rights? And you break a habit in 21 days right?

Now I have to set up a schedule to achieve writing/career goals…

I want to write more and express myself through writing and be real and be vulnerable and not care what people think because damn it I do care which doesn’t allow me to be vulnerable and say, “I don’t think I am a good writer” but I want to be. I think my grammar sucks but I want to get better. I self edit thinking of others as I write. And then I write too fast, my brain, my thoughts work faster than my handwriting does. So I make mistakes. And I am learning to be okay with all of it. Be okay with all of my flaws.

But wait this prompt is about my intention for the day, so yea, my intention is to clean and organize my space first and then make up a schedule that will help me align and accomplish my goals. And this too:


⚡️New Books Alert⚡️

I picked the first book, Dismantle, because a lot of my NYC Latina Writers Group sisters are at VONA (Google) with some of the authors that make up this anthology! I suggest every writer of color pick this gem up. It also includes Junot Diaz’s essay on MFA vs POC as the introduction. The next book is ‘An Untamed State’ by Roxane Gay… wow is all I have to say about that one.. She has become my new favorite author. I learned about her work recently and so far this book is intriguing and edge-off -your-seat type of book… It starts like this, to give you an idea, “…they held me captive thirteen days. They wanted to break me. It was not personal. I was not broken. This is what I tell myself.”