Women’s History Month Day 3

Celebrating Women’s History Month!! Up next the writer Edwidge Danticat. She is Haitian. She is a writer. She is a mother. She is an educator. She has written great works such as Krik? Krak? Breath, Eyes, Memory, Claire of the Sea Light among others. She is a prolific writer so check her work online. I met her here at the Union Square Barnes and Noble where she was reading from her book Claire of the Sea Light. During the open question portion of the reading someone asked what advice do you have for new writers? She simply said that writing is a solitary act and to write and keep writing. Her presence was sweet and light. Beautiful person. #day3 #servingknowledge #themoreyouknow #wmh #womenshistorymonth #womenwriter #haitianwriter #edwidgedanticat @edwidgedanticat