Canvas of Words- ‘Preserving Our Roots’ Interview with Poet Roya Marsh

Hey folks!! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! It’s Monday again, the start of the workweek. Why don’t we spruce things up and let me share with you my latest interview with Poet Roya Marsh? Shall we? You will not be disappointed. Roya Marsh is one of the poets who will be part of Canvas of Words ‘Preserving Our Roots’ showcase!

When I first heard Roya Marsh on the stage. I was floored, left in awe! Her stage presence and delivery is palpable. You can feel every line like boom, boom, boom! Sinking deep within leaving you wanting to hear more. Her poetry is raw and gritty and vulnerable and the truth! I don’t want to elaborate too much because you will have to see for yourself what I am talking about. Like I said you will not be disappointed!

I was able to ask her three questions and here is what she had to share. Enjoy!!!

Beauty, Brains, and Blogging: For those that may not know of your many talents, please let us know about yourself, the work you do, and your poetry?

Roya Marsh: My name is Saroya Marsh. I am a preschool teacher and spoken word poet from the Bronx, NY. I’m a graduate of Iona College and am currently working on my MFA in Creative Writing at Manhattanville. I am currently the 2013-14 Inspired Word Slam Master Jam Champion and the 2014 Nuyorican Grand Slam Champ. I have been obsessed with writing since I could hold a pen and it’s an honor for me to be able to share my passion with the youth through Spoken Word workshops and mentoring.

BBB: Being part of the NYC poetry scene you have preformed in many venues and continue to do so and know it quite well! So, how did you hear of Wendy Angulo Productions/Canvas of Words and the impact it has made in the poetry community? And what led you to be part of the upcoming show?

R.M.: I don’t even remember where I met Wendy. What I do know is that she has had my back since the first moment we spoke. Although I am not a Queens native, Wendy has held me down and welcomed me into her artistic family on several occasions. It is an honor to be a part of her growing community and to share a stage with artists who are working toward a greater good!

BBB: Preserving Our History is an important theme. In your poetry you speak of how history has impacted the way we live now, can you expand on this?

R.M.: Everything I write is a direct result of the things that I have learned, witnessed and experienced. I have been told stories of my ancestors since I was a little child and growing older researched more on my own. Learning how much they struggled and conquered inspires me to continue to grow in knowledge so that I may fight against the injustices of the present day. It pains me that classism and racism are still major struggles centuries later. Preserving of roots involves more than just knowing history. It’s about continuing the efforts of change of those before you. My poetry is a flashback and a push forward into the future all at once.

‘Saroya Marsh works as a preschool teacher and youth mentor, but has always had a passion for writing. As a spoken word poet she brings a heartfelt intensity and deep beliefs to the stage, brandishing a saber of light that will penetrate those dark pockets of prejudice, injustice, and hurt, that lay buried deep within each of us. She was a finalist in the 2013 Poetry Idol, 2013 Inspired Word Slam Master Jam Champion and 2014 Nuyorican Grand Slam Champion. She has been featured at these venues and others, including colleges, in PA, DC and the tristate area. Saroya has hopes that her poems will spark a mind of change.’

Roya Marsh is doing it all! We need educators and poets like her who want to inspire change through poetry. Be sure to watch her at this year’s Canvas of Words ‘Preserving Our Roots’ a Queens Poetry and Arts Festival October 11! More info on the flyer below. 😉

Get your tickets!

Here is the link:

And here is the flyer:

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Canvas of Words- ‘Preserving Our Roots’ Interview with Carmen Taveras-Molina

Happy Friday all!!!

I hope you had a great week doing what you love!!

So, I’m back to give you this week’s poet that will be gracing the stage at this year’s Canvas of Words-Preserving Our Roots, October 11! Her name is Carmen Taveras-Molina who is heavily involved in the arts by way of dance and writing. Carmen Taveras- Molina carries music in her soul; she expresses it through the rhythmic flows using her body, and creatively through writing and poetry! She shares her passion with the youth because she is aware that our youth need to preserve their history. As we know music is much part of our history and culture, it’s important to our community. She is definitely leaving a legacy. You’ll see.

Carmen Taveras- Molina was ‘introduced to the art of dance in 1998.Taking beginner salsa classes at “La Salsa De Hoy” in Sunset Park, Brooklyn she quickly joined their elite dance team, “The Revelation Dancers” which was directed by Cecilia Williams. Under Cecilia’s tutelage, Carmen was introduced to and mastered Rumba, Jazz, and Hip Hop. In 2003, she joined the world renowned Santo Rico Dance Company, which expanded her mastery and love for Salsa. Carmen had been involved in several regional projects with Santo Rico, as well as international performances in Belgium, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, South Korea, and Canada. Carmen served as the Director of the Santo Rico Kids Program for two years, and the “SantoRiquitas”, the program’s all-girls team. In 2011, Carmen took a break from instructional work to pursue a Master’s degree in School Counseling at Brooklyn College. She has since resumed dancing, currently training with Nelson Flores’ Descarga Latina / Ritmo y Sabor. In addition to being a dancer, instructor, and student, Carmen is an endeavoring writer inspired by her Latino culture, mujeres guerreras, and love – in all of its forms.’

Here are my three questions for her. Please enjoy!!

Beauty, Brains and Blogging: Please let us know about yourself, the work you do, your poetry, and what moves you?

Carmen Molina- Taveras: Dominican York born and raised in – PARK SLOPE, Brooklyn – one of the only Dominican deprived NYC boroughs in the 80’s. I am concurrently working as a development coordinator at a school that serves children with autism while finishing up my School Counseling Graduate Degree. When there’s free time I dance (rehearsals, dance classes, social dancing, etc.) – it’s what keeps me sane and balanced.

As far as writing goes, well its been happening in spurts for over a decade. Strangely enough when I write, its usually in Spanish. I find Spanish to be so much more expressive. I’m a novice and have only recently started to share my work. Most of what I’ve written has been reflections of personal relationships, about unrequited love, desire, fear, emotion and my experiences in trying to navigate between the Dominican and American culture.

BBB: Can you tell us a little bit about your connection with Wendy Angulo and what led you to be a part of Canvas of Words – Preserving Our Roots?

C.M.T.: Three words PEGGY ROBLES-ALVARADO! To know her is to alter your life. And when Peggy invites you to be part of an event – no is not an option. No didn’t even cross my mind and I’m glad it didn’t. It’s an incredible opportunity to be part of such an event, particularly one that promotes the preservation and celebration of our roots that feeds our pride for who we are and gives us a platform to share it with others.

BBB: The theme is Preserving Our Roots – is this an important topic as an artist to expand upon? Can you please share with us a snippet of what you will be bringing to Canvas of Words October 11?

C.M.T.: I wish that topics such as these were discussed when I was younger, it would’ve helped with a pseudo identity crisis! As artists I feel as if we hold a responsibility to share our experiences and help others, especially our youth to feel a sense of pride and propel them to continue to learn about and preserve their traditions, their costumbres without a drop of shame.

For me it took quite some time for me to comfortably appreciate and embrace our music. Of course this was during adolescence when all I wanted to do was blend in. Thankfully, I came around and thoroughly appreciate what I once considered NOISE – Salsa, Merengue, Bachata y musica latina.

For Preserving Our Roots, I am working on a piece that speaks of my personal “awakening” – from detesting and rejecting our music to embracing it and allowing it to take me on the best journey of my life as a salsa dancer.

Still in its drafting stage, here is a very short snippet:

Adonde hay percusión – ahi he nacido yo
Conga, tambora y guira
Ha sido mi salvación
Esta alma apócrifa encontró valor
en el “cutun plah” de la conga
con un latente ritmo y fervor

See what I mean!!! Her fluidity in her responses has captured my attention!! And the snippet of her poem… what?! It is true what people say, Spanish is the language that is felt in your core!! And I felt it in that snippet. It is magic. I don’t know about y’all but I am looking forward to seeing her perform on October 11 because she is using poetry to show how music is part of preserving our roots! 😉

Get your tickets!

Here is the link:

And here is the flyer:

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Canvas of Words- ‘Preserving Our Roots’ Interview with Spoken Word Poet Rafael Landron!

¡¡¡Hola mi gente!!! Espero que se encuentren bien. It’s the beginning of the work week and we have to ease our way in. I know! So let me help you by bringing all of you the latest interview of the next poet who will be at Canvas of Words- Preserving Our Roots!!

His name is Rafael Landron, a Queens native, a poet, a writer, a cultural activist, a professor and just an all around awesome individual! ‘He has performed at different venues throughout the city including the Nuyorican Poets Cafe and local demonstrations for a variety of causes. His one man show “Rafi’s anti-war expressions” debuted at 2005 at the Clemente Soto Velez center. This show was made into a play which toured throughout the city it’s goal was to bring awareness about the war in Iraq among the Latino community. His published work includes, The Bruised Mango, a book of poetry and his children’s book, Beba, y la Isla nena, published by Editorial Campana 2011 which chronicles the social movement in Vieques P.R. through the eyes of a manatee named Beba. He has performed this story at different schools and libraries throughout N.Y.C. Most recently he was mentioned in the New York Times for participating in Puerto Rican Poets of the Diaspora organized by Manhattan Neighborhood Network where his work was showcased along with other great poets of the generation. Rafael is a also a Prof. of History at Boricua College where he finds inspiration and believes that culture and imagination can stop militarism and bring peace.’

With that being said, check out what he had to say… Enjoy!

Beauty, Brains, and Blogging: Please let us know about yourself, the work you do and your poetry?

Rafael Landron: I am a cultural activist and spoken word poet. I have supported many movements but mainly have worked with the Puerto Rican freedom movement. I am currently organizing a monthly expression for the release of Political prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera.
I have published a chap book of poetry called The bruised mango and also published the first bilingual childrens book which chronicals the social movenment in Vieques P.R. Beba y la isla nena. I also debuted my one man show Rafi’s antiwar expressions in 2005 which showed the impact of war on the Latin community at the Clemente Soto Velez center in the Lower East Side. I currently teach history at Boricua College where we are Collaborating with Capicu to intiate the School Of Poetic Arts and am working to develop a cultural workers cooperative called the Latino Arts Movement.

BBB: Can you tell us a little bit about your connection with Wendy Angulo and what led you to be a part of this year’s Canvas of Words- Preserving Our Roots?

R.L.: I was fortunate enough to connect with Wendy at the open mic, which she organized in Queens! I was impressed by the caliber of poetry and the community feel of the event. Mostly, I was so happy to participate at an open mic in my home borough of Queens! I am very grateful to be apart of Canvas of words and share in the values of connecting to our roots.

BBB: The theme is Preserving Our Roots- can you share with us just a little bit of what you will be bringing to Canvas of Words, Oct. 11?

R.L.: I am that beautiful Boricua
Growing like a flamboyan through concrete
Breaking through
With my narly roots showing
Exposed to the terrifying and beautiful world in which it came.
Boricua breaking ground
Flowering in all my amapola glory scared and invinsible simultaneouly
I am love like rain
Falling in el Yunque
I am that tree that won’t stop growing till it reaches the sunlight beyond the darkness of the rainforest.
I am that concrete rupturing madness
Of love ………

Thank you Rafael Landron for sharing the positive work you do for your community. Landron is definitely broadening and opening the minds of those that may not know of our history. We need more people like him.

Rafael Landron is definitely going to add history and cultura to the mix at this year’s Canvas of Words- Preserving Our Roots!!

Please join us and get to know these amazing poets!

Get your tickets!

Here is the link:

And here is the flyer:

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Canvas of Words- ‘Preserving Our Roots’ Interview with Visual Artist Lawrence Hosannah Myse!

Happy Wednesday all!! We are in mid week counting down the weeks before Canvas of Words -Preserving Our Roots paints Queens with it’s words on the canvas!

And speaking of paint! The visual artist who will showcase his talent is none other than Hosannah Myse! On October 11, Myse will paint on site!!! He will hear the poets, feel the energy, see the visuals and conjure up a master piece. Because that’s what he does!

Myse has ‘expanded his work into design and illustration commissions. Album art, book illustration, store window display design and surface design are some of the areas that he has created works for. Clients include Saks Fifth Avenue, Asics Onitsuka and actor/musician Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges. In addition his work is in public and corporate collections, including the Alliance building Group and The Rogosin institute in New York City. His current work includes exterior and interior art installations.

Myse’s paintings have been displayed in solo and group exhibits in galleries and other venues in New York City and Toronto, Canada. He is currently affiliated with the Dolan/Maxwell gallery in Philidelphia.’

I have asked him three questions that pretty much sum up why this Canvas of Words production is different and why it would be in your absolute best interest to attend.


Beauty, Brains, and Blogging: Can you tell us about yourself and the fantastic work you do as an artist?

Hosanah Myse: I’m a British born artist who got thrown into the urban culture of NYC in the 1980’s. During my early years in NYC I focused most of my work on painting murals throughout NYC, with special emphasis on the neighborhoods that support the MTA 7 line. While my earlier work focused on Hip Hop culture my later works evolved into more abstract forms, for example right now I’m painting a lot of work in my Alchemy Urbana Style which is energized urban art absent the letter form. Not to be limited, my work runs between a variety of styles such as realism, surrealism, cartooning and surface design. If I had to explain two themes that run through all my work they are intensity and power, all my work has these two elements.

BBB: What will you bring to Canvas of Words Preserving Our Roots that’s different from the work you do?

H.M : Since my work is always evolving I’m not entirely sure what I will create for Canvas of Words. I will say that I will absorb what the energy, flow, style of the poets that are part of the event, spin it through my mind, and splash it out via the paint brush. How that energy comes out is highly intuitive so I never really know what I’m going to get, which I like.

BBB: What made you want to be a part of this year’s Canvas of Words Preserving Our Roots?

H.M.: Canvas of Words is a Queens based poetry hub, there is a lot of talent in queens but yet queens isn’t really known for the arts. Art is necessary for a healthy civilization, state or town. Art expands minds, broadens possibilities and brightens the mundane, so you could say that Canvas of words helps expand the creative consciousness of the community, which I highly support.

What an interesting and rich repertoire Myse has. I am looking forward to see what he comes up with during Canvas of Words- Preserving Our Roots showcase!

As Myse mentioned, “Art is necessary for a healthy civilization, state or town. Art expands minds, broadens possibilities and brightens the mundane.” Because not only are we honoring our heritage and paying homage to our history so that it maintains alive, we are keeping our roots well soiled, passing down our stories to the generations that follow through poetry and painting– the arts! And in this way we continuing opening our hearts and soul to create art!

See collage below of some of his pieces.


Please join us October 11. Let Canvas of Words broaden and expand your artistic horizons! 😉 You won’t be sorry.

Get your tickets!

Here is the link:

And here is the flyer:

This has been Beauty, Brains and Blogging approved!! 😉


Canvas of Words- ‘Preserving Our Roots’ Poet Annette Estevez

Hi again!!

It is Friday, the end of the week and I know y’all are ready for the weekend. But before you begin your weekend, how about I share with you my interview with the next poet who will be gracing the stage of Canvas of Words- Preserving Our Roots October 11?! Ok great! I will be asking this next poet three questions to get to know her and see what she has on her palette for Canvas of Words.

Let’s meet Annette Estevez. Annette Estevez is a NYC poet. “She lives in Queens, or in her head, or in the breath between your heartbeats. She’s not sure. But that’s what her poems are for. Her poetry has been featured at The Cornelia Street Arts Cafe, La Mama Galleria, Bluestockings Bookstore and the NYC Poetry Festival.”

I have seen Annette Estevez at several venues but the first time I actually heard her poetry wasat a Canvas of Words- Open Mic Series event and I must say she blew me away. Her words were profound and her presence strong. So it’s no wonder she is a part of this year’s Canvas of Words. I really hope you enjoy this short yet informative interview.

Beauty, Brains, and Blogging: Please let us know about yourself, the work you do and your poetry?

Annette Estevez: Poetry is the only way out from under my skin, which is funny to say because several of my poems take place under skin – in the floorboards of a heart, behind guitar chords of ribcage, in hammering skeletal xylophones. But poetry is what makes music of the noise within me; the haunting confined to this body. I’m reading incessantly; learning endlessly from other poets. I feel like there’s always more to know and different ways to stretch and grow as a poet which is as maddening as it is enlightening.

BBB: Can you tell us a little bit about your connection with Wendy Angulo and what led you to be part of Canvas of Words- Preserving Our Roots showcase?

A.E.: I met Wendy for the first time at Capicu Culture. We have been mutually supportive of each other’s work since. I have been following the Canvas of Words series and I love what it is contributing to the arts, particularly the arts in Queens – where I’m from. I’m honored to have been asked to be part of the next showcase.

BBB: The theme this year for Canvas of Words is Preserving Our Roots- can you share with us just a little bit of what you will be bringing to Canvas of Words, Oct. 11?

A.E.: For ‘Canvas of Words’ “Preserving Our Roots” showcase, I’m working on a poem inspired by a recent experience with my grandmother and the duality of being Latina in the US. Here’s an excerpt from the piece:

“Ducklings nibble at the exoskeleton
of childhood as their mother
quacks in a tongue too broken
to remember my name”

Thank you Annette for sharing with us a little about yourself and what you have in store for us. I am looking forward to hearing Annette perform her beautiful poems. It is already starting to look like this is a show not to be missed.

By the way Happy Birthday Annette! Hope it’s a blast! 🙂

Get your tickets and thanks for reading! And for today only, Sept. 12, buy two tickets for $20. Surprise someone with a ticket. 🙂

Here is the link:

And here is the flyer:

This has been Beauty, Brains and Blogging approved!! 😉

Canvas of Words- Preserving Our Roots Poet Audrey Dimola!

Hey all!!! I hope you are having a fabulous week!!

Last week I posted an interview I did with Wendy Angulo’s Marketing Consultant Paul McDonnough. We learned a lot about Canvas of Words marketing strategies and how he is helping her. An informative interview!

Now this week we are starting off with small interviews with each poet that will be part of Canvas of Words- Preserving Our Roots showcase! And because this is Canvas of Words third year I am going to ask the poets three questions. I don’t want to give too much away now. You have to go to the show! Get your tickets. Hello!

Today we will be starting with poet Audrey Dimola!! “Audrey Dimola is a proudly born-and-raised Queens writer/poet/curator, cross-genre collaborator, and ever-intrepid literary explorer. She is the author of poetry and prose collection “Decisions We Make While We Dream” (2012) and the forthcoming “TRAVERSALS.” A crusader for Queens culture since her college years, Audrey’s local efforts include organizing the first ever Queens Literary Town Hall, and curating shows for LaGuardia Performing Arts Center and Queens Museum. She devotes her life to the power of artistic expression, lives by the 3 C’s (creativity, community, and collaboration), and aims always to stay wild and stay grateful.”

Here is what she had to say. Enjoy!

Beauty, Brains, and Blogging: Please let us know about yourself, and your poetry?

Audrey Dimola: Hey hey! I’m a queens born and raised writer, poet, performer and curator. I’ve been involved in Queens arts and culture since my college years as a participant, observer, reporter, organizer, and promoter. At the core of everything, though, has been my own poetry and prose. It’s evolved over time, as well as my performing style – but it always deals heavily with emotion, nostalgia, natural and visceral images, a lot of howling at the moon and cracking open 😉 I’ve only just started to do this, but I love having a mixed media element – combining poetry with snippets of song, quotes, nuance, movement.. I feel that creative expression is one of the closest ways we can touch (our own) divinity. everyday magic. so for better or worse, whether it comes easily or with difficulty – this craft has always been part of my life.

BBB: I know you live in Queens and have performed in Queens so how exciting that you will be performing at this years Canvas of Words in Queens! My question is, what led you to be a part of Canvas of Words- Preserving Our Roots?

A.D.: I’m so thrilled to be a part of a Canvas of Words event. Wendy Angulo and I became friends when I organized the first ever Queens literary town hall at Queens council on the arts in October 2013. We’ve been following and supporting each other ever since, and I’ve always admired her drive and instinct for incredible talent. It’s also amazing to have the opportunity to bring my work to an event of this scale in my own home borough, sharing the stage with performers I admire and ones I can’t wait to meet and hear. Queens lit has come such a long way in the past few years, and people like Wendy and the Canvas of Words crew have been on the frontlines.

BBB: Because the theme is Preserving Our Roots- can you share with us just a little bit of what you will be bringing us Oct 11?

A.D.: The idea of preserving roots, of identity, of history, has been an interesting concept for me – it’s kind of made me realize what a difficult question it can be. The first lines I wrote in trying to come at this were “wild girl, you tell me you do not/ believe in history.” I feel like I’m from Queens, from the same radius I’ve had for my whole life – but also my dad’s town in Italy I’ve never even seen, or from my mother and father’s spirits, but also everything that has grown from myself – this wildchild, sometimes lone wolf that floats detached.. other times i just feel part of the EARTH. Nature.. the sky, the stars. it’s been challenging to wrestle with it. “I am the daughter/ of typewriters and paint cans/ of astoria, LIC, and my father’s land/ I can’t talk without moving/ my hands and i/ want to feel/ everything.” We’ll see where it goes 😉

I just absolutely love Audrey. She is a free spirit and speaks through her poetry! See her October 11.

Again get your tickets and thanks for reading!

Here is the link:

And here is the flyer:

This has been Beauty, Brains and Blogging approved!!

Canvas of Words ‘Preserving Our Roots’ Interview with Wendy Angulo’s Marketing Consultant!

¡Que tal mi gente!

I hope everyone enjoyed last week’s blog where I interviewed Wendy Angulo, the CEO and Founder of Canvas of Words. There she told us about herself and how Canvas of Words and its themes came into existence. She mentioned what this year’s theme, Preserving Our Roots is going to be about, a show you don’t want to miss!!!

As mentioned in our interview, Canvas of Words was created with the intention of bringing the arts and poetry to Queens, now, how do you bring the people to the show? How do you market a show to reach an audience to go to Queens? Because of these questions and more Ms. Angulo sought out a marketing expert who could help her design a plan and execute. But whom does she go to? Who is her marketing consultant?!

I’ll tell you who. It is Mr. Paul A McDonnough, Vice President, Conference and Events Group Show Director. Ms. Angulo felt she needed “a good marketing plan to bring people to Queens and due to his expertise and experience, he was the right person.” I have asked Mr. McDonnough a few questions on how he uses his expertise to assist Ms. Angulo, what he thinks of Canvas of Words and much more.


Beauty Brains and Blogging: I have heard many great things about you. Please let us know about yourself and how you and Wendy Angulo started working together?

Paul A McDonnough: Wendy and I started collaborating on marketing related ideas to launch her project in the summer of 2013. With my background in Marketing and Advertising and over 15 years of experience in event management, I have a unique perspective on the development and design of marketing campaigns; especially for startup ventures such as Wendy Angulo Productions. I was eager to put on my “marketing hat”, roll up my sleeves and share some quick tips on how Wendy should position herself for the initial launch in the fall of 2013. She hosted an amazing sold out event in the fall of that year and here we are today.

BBB: I know how important Canvas of Words is to her, what makes Canvas of Words unique and different from other shows that you’ve seen?

P.D.: The artists. What separates one show from the next are the artists. I believe Wendy has had an amazing eye for talent, raw talent. Her artists are hungry and some of the most creative writers I’ve seen on stage. They are not jaded by perceived fame and fortune and still remember the raw emotions and feelings that go into this type of writing. Wendy continues to add such raw talent to this roster; it will continue to separate her artists from the rest. A truly “top-flight” crew.

BBB: Why did you decide to help Wendy in venturing into this project?

P.D.: My faith and belief in her as a leader, manager, evaluator of true creative writing talent and her drive. I’ve watched her mature as a business leader and community activist. Her desire to showcase Queens’ bright creative talent led me to believe and become equally excited in her venture. I also want to see more recognition and spotlight brought to minorities who are doing amazing and spectacular things to “change the game”.

BBB: As a marketing expert where can we see Canvas of Words headed?

P.D.: For bigger and better things! In a short span of time Wendy Angulo Productions has established a web presence, launched several successful showcases and in development to expand their social/viral network all within 12 months and so much of the credit goes to the drive of their leader, Wendy Angulo. Her passion and determination to succeed has become infectious to her team of professionals.

BBB: Is there anything you would like to add about Canvas of Words?

P.D.: Only that I look forward to continually lending my marketing/advertising prowess to the continual development of this great project. I want to see this brand become nationally recognized and reach beyond its boundaries to other communities. It will because of the leadership of Wendy Angulo!

There you have it friends! This is one of the many reasons you should attend this year’s show. When you are passionate about a project it shows and others notice. Once you see a Canvas of Words show you will understand what I mean. Make your way there October 11, 2014. Flyer is below.
Paul A McDonnough
Vice President, Conference & Events
Group Show Director
Direct Marketing Association

Paul has a Bachelors Degree in Business Management and Organization Theory from the University of Miami and has been recognized as a Who’s Who in American Politics. Paul has been a Marketing & Advertising Executive as well as an Event Management Professional for the last 10 years at the Direct Marketing Association. Paul has launched numerous DMA offshoots in Saudi Arabia, Australia, Spain and the US. In the US, Paul leads a team of event and marketing professionals and a portfolio of events that total some $15M in revenue for the Association. Before coming to the DMA, Paul was VP & Conference Director, Finance at the Institute for International Research.

Get your tickets!
Here is the link:

And here is the flyer:

Until next week…

This has been Beauty, Brains and Blogging Approved!