Canvas of Words Preserving Our Roots- 10/11

Hey all!!

Do ya’ll remember last week, I posted about the next BIG event that is happening in Queens, Canvas of Words Preserving Our Roots!? No? Check my last post. Yes? Good. Well my friends, this week, I’m bringing you an interview with the Founder, producer and who is making this show possible, Wendy Angulo!!! Here she tells us all about Canvas Of Words and why it would be in your best interest to attend this show.


Beauty, Brains, and Blogging: Wendy, before we begin can you tell us about yourself and how Canvas of Words and its theme for each year came into existence?

Wendy Angulo: I am a NYC born Latina, a mother, lawyer, curator, producer, manager, CEO and sole founder of Wendy Angulo Productions. I am also a lover of the Arts and the Art I am most in love with is Poetry.

The Idea of Canvas of Words was born in April of 2013, when I noticed; the Borough that raised me seemed to lack my two passions – Poetry & Art. How could a place so over flooded with TALENT be hidden? It was then when I decided I wanted to change that, I wanted to create a SHOW, not an open mic or a festival but a SHOW that would showcase poets and visual artists and most importantly I wanted that show to happen in QUEENS, at HOME.

For the first year Canvas of Words would showcase poets both emerging and distinguished and it would also showcase Art. Putting the two together had not really been done in Queens before so coming up with a way to do both equally was a bit of a challenge. How would I combine two ARTS into ONE SHOW, on ONE NIGHT? That’s when the idea of having the artists capture the poem and have their work surround the poets as they recite the poems came to mind. I wanted it to be a night filled with Canvases Words.

For the second installment, I decided on an all-male lineup of poets reciting about Love as seen through their eyes. For this showcase, I chose a photography exhibition, depicting all the different stages of love. I wanted all the photos in black and white (my love of photography began with and still remains in black and white).

BBB: I know in your shows you infuse poetry and art together… Why is this?

WA: As Da Vinci once said “Painting is Poetry which is seen and not heard; Poetry is a painting which is heard but not seen”, hence the origin of “Canvas of Words”. I’ve always been an arts lover and an avid reader so it was more of a personal preference. In my opinion they both blend well.

BBB: Canvas of Words is in its third installment and its powerful theme is “Preserving Our Roots”… How did this theme emerge or rather how did it come to you or did it choose you?

It has always been present to me and more so lately the constant struggle we have to preserve our history & traditions, who we are and where we come from can sometimes get lost in society, especially in a city as diverse as New York. With that being said I wanted poets to write about their traditions, cultures and upbringings, I looked for poets of different backgrounds and was lucky to find so many from Queens.

I was born in Queens and one of the things that distinguishes this borough is its diversity, we are often known as the “melting pot”. As far as art, I’m a big fan of Graffiti and with Queens recently being stripped of how we showcased Graffiti by having our stomping grounds, Five Pointz ,demolished I figured it will be a good idea to have the feeling of Five Pointz in one place for one night.

BBB: What can we expect this year that is different?

WA: This year we are incorporating music and dance to the show, we’ve been asked for it numerous times and this year we are ready for it. We are also donating the art to an inner city school in Queens as a way to give back to the community.

BBB: Can you tell us a little bit about the artists performing without telling us too much?

WA: Hahaha well all I can say is that once again we are blessed to have a roster of talented poets, a dope visual artist and a multitalented host!

BBB: What would you like the audience to take away after they see this show?

WA: I would like for the audience to know the importance of the arts as part of your growth as a human being; the need to support the artists, the curators and producers of these events which are so important to the development of our communities and therefore our society. I am grateful to my parents for instilling in me this love for the arts, because it opened my eyes to the beauty of the world, it fed my imagination and fueled my creativity. I needed all these elements in order to create Canvas of Words. I am absolutely proud of this project.

BBB: Any last word you’d like us to leave us with?

WA: Come join us October 11, 2014 at 7:30pm at the Victoria Congregational Church for a celebration of cultural diversity the Canvas of Words way!

There you have it folks, it is always a pleasure talking to Wendy about her projects. I am looking forward to this year’s theme Preserving Our Roots. I believe it will be a powerful and deeply rooted show!

Join us October 11… Get your tickets here:

Wendy Angulo is a member of the NYCLWG since 2012. Sole owner of Canvas of Words, an art and poetry showcase. CEO and founder of Wendy Angulo Productions, an organization that supports, encourages, promotes poetry and visual arts. And is a fullservice management company that provides bookings, production, event marketing, sponsorship and promotional services to Spoken Word and Visual Artists.

For more information or to contact Wendy Angulo please visit Facebook: Wendy Angulo Productions, Twitter: @wendy_angulo or email

Stay tuned for the next interview 😉

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~Canvas of Words~

Canvas of Words is baaaacccckkk in Queens!!! Better than ever!!! Let me just say that if you aren’t familiar with Canvas of Words I suggest that you follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for all the latest happenings. But what I will let you in on is that this production is on its third installment and this year’s theme is “Persevering Our Roots”. A visual artist will create a graffiti exhibition surrounding the audience while poets give us words that will enrich our minds and take us back to our history, our roots. If you don’t know where you came from how will you know where you’re going. That is what this show will be all about, preserving our culture, identity, our stories ingrained in our veins because we shall never forget.

So, who is behind this production? Who are all these poets that will rock the stage October 11 at the Victoria Congregational Church in Queens? Who is the visual artist that will help tie this show together? Who is this host I’ve been hearing about, Advocate of Wordz? And do you want to know more about this event that never ceases to amaze me?

Well you are in luck!! All of these questions will be answered and more in my blog where I will interview everyone participating in the show. Every week I will bring you two interviews where you will get to know the founder of Canvas of Words, the poets, the host and a lil bit of somethin’ extra.

Stay tuned my friends!! In the meanwhile get your tickets because it’s a show you will not regret seeing!!!

Here is the link:

And here is the flyer:

This has been Beauty, Brains, and Blogging approved!

Canvas of Words Open Mic Series– See what’s next!

Hello all!!

If you haven’t attended one of Canvas of Words Open Mic Series don’t miss out on the last one of the summer!!! You will be in for a treat!! Not only will the open mic features be awesome but we will be celebrating the curator and producer Wendy Angulo of Wendy Angulo Productions BIRTHDAY!!!

Who is Wendy Angulo, you may ask? Well… Wendy is an AMAZING human being who wanted to change the poetry scene in her own borough Queens. She is the curator and producer to Canvas of Words and the Wendy Angulo Productions. She works hard and tirelessly to make sure that what she produces is of quality and greatness, nothing more nothing less than that. I’ve had the opportunity of working with her and she takes pride in her work, because aside from being a mother, a lawyer, a manager to NINE poets, a friend is difficult enough, she gives it all that she’s got to which ever project she is working on. I always tell her that I want to be like her when I grow up. ☺

So, because of her successful and sold out Canvas of Words shows, she decided to start the Canvas of Words Open Mic Series because it would give the locals of Queens the chance to hear poetry in their own neighborhood. The Canvas of Words Open Mic series is held at this great spot, Katarina Bar and Grill, in Kew Gardens- yes still Queens. The hosts and the staff make sure that you feel welcomed. The ambiance is great as well as the food and drinks! What better way to listen to poetry?!

I invite you to please come out August 9th to hear comedian Vernita Bostick and poet Chilo do their thing on the open mic which will be hosted by Advocate of Wordz!! Most importantly, come out to celebrate some one who is making strides to the growing poetry scene in Queens, Ms. Wendy Angulo. Come on by and say Happy Birthday! You won’t want to miss it!!

Check out their bio:

Advocate of Wordz is an acclaimed Performing Poet, Actor, Comedian, Teacher and Film Director. He is a resident artist with Lincoln Center and the Nuyorican Poets Cafe. His work has been written about and featured in many major publications including the LA Times, Fox News, Univision & PBS. He has a published book of poetry entitled “Advocate Of Wordz: A book of poetry and other creative nonsense that is imperative to your life,” which is available on Amazon and he is currently filming an online pilot series about language called “Well Worded”.
Advocate of Wordz is one of the artists of Wendy Angulo Productions. For bookings contact:

Vernita Bostick is an up and coming comedian from New Jersey and has performed at several clubs in the tri state area. She recently performed in the 2014 Women in Comedy Festival in Boston and was a semi-finalist in The Ladies of Laughter Competition in Manhattan. Influenced by comedians such as Joan Rivers and Chris Rock, she describes her comedy much like she describes her personality; witty, sassy, honest, and uncensored. She loves being a female comedian and feels empowered by giving women all over the world a voice to say what we often think but often don’t have the balls to say out loud. She will drop your jaw, provoke stares of disbelief, and force you to laugh whether you want to or not.

Chilo teaches Social Studies in NYC. He has been writing, recording and performing Hip Hop music for over twenty years and is a founding member of “G.O.S.”,“21POETZ”, “Dr. Loco” and the award winning “El Grito de Poetas”, the premiere all Latino spoken word poetry collective in NYC. A seasoned lyricist and passionate performer, Chilo has performed at hundreds of landmark venues and universities across the country off of his love for the written word. He has recorded over 7 Hip Hop albums and is currently promoting his latest and simultaneously working on many more. He has been featured in the contemporary Latino poetry anthology “Me No Habla With Acento” and has also completed a solo spoken word poetry book entitled “Closed Doors and Opened Windows”. Chilo recently collaborated with Grammy winning Arturo O’Farrill and his Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra in shows at Symphony Space and the “Celebrate Brooklyn” series at Prospect Park, as well as recording for their upcoming album. A cultured and spiritual educator, Chilo enjoys being a part of unique projects that offer a multitude of beneficial services to the communities of today.

Wendy Angulo is a New York City born Latina, raised in Caracas, Venezuela. Armed with a zeal for reading and writing since the age of seven and a law degree from the Universidad Católica Andres Bello, she joined the New York City Latina Writers Group where she has been an active member since 2012. Wendy is currently working on her memoir that she hopes will inspire and motivate womyn everywhere who face the countless challenges of womynhood.
After reading her poetry at various venues throughout New York City, including Soul Kitchen at Hunter College, Women in Creative Rebellion at The Bronx Writers Center, Nuyorican’s Poets Cafe, East Harlem Cafe, Sankofa Sisterhood and Bohemian Nights at The Urban Butterflies, Camaradas and Mood Lounge in New Jersey, Wendy created Canvas of Words, an art and poetry showcase that debuted October 12, 2013 to a sold out audience.
The success of Canvas of Words motivated her to begin Wendy Angulo Productions, an organization whose goal is to support, encourage, and promote poetry and visual arts in the borough of Queens. Through Wendy Angulo Productions she also manages established performance poets and writers such as Erik “Advocate of Wordz Maldonado”, Jamaal St. John, Ngoma Hill and emerging writer Vanessa Pardo.
For more information or to contact Wendy Angulo please visit Facebook: Wendy Angulo or email;

Hope to see you there!!!


⚡️Book Alert Monday⚡️

This book will be on shelves tomorrow and you need this book in your life!!! And it’s making the cut for Book Alert Monday because Roxane Gay has turned into one of my favorite writers. She is a literary beast!!! I follow her on Tumblr and her posts are so so so so good you see. She writes about things that matter in the most honest way possible. And I like her definition feminism– what this book of essays will show of course.

I suggest you go to NPR radio where she was interviewed so you’ll get to know her better or get the book tomorrow or do both. You should do both. And google her, you’ll find her work on Rumpus among other literary sites. She is also the author of An Untamed State which also made it to Book Alert Monday a few weeks ago.

Now you know where I’ll be tomorrow…. At the bookstore getting my copy. 😜😜😜


Resist temptation! Binded to my dream! ~ DAY 1: 30 Days Living with Intention #30dayintention

If you want to know more about the 30 days living with intention.. Here it is. So grateful for this challenge.

The Writer and The Story


To be bound to my dreams, my desires and my goals… RESISTING TEMPTATION AND DISTRACTIONS!!!

Good morning day!

I am sitting at my desk this morning thinking about what this next thirty days will be… I have India Arie playing in the back ground… and I am feeling a tremendous amount of ease, focus and determination!

Feet firmly planted
No urgency in my process
It’s about THIS moment
The steps I am taking…
Not speaking my goals…
Keeping things to myself…

These next 30 days are not about me SHARING publicly what my goals are. They are for me. Your goals are for you.

Everyday I will be connected through my blog solely to share my daily inspiration and my intention for the day. I am coining this new 30 day journey as: 30 DAYS OF LIVING WITH INTENTION! (use the hashtag #30dayintention to join us and share your…

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Writing Challenge: #30dayintention

Day 2: 30 days Living with Intention

“Do not dwell on the past. Do not dream of the future. Concentrate the mind on the present moment” -Buddha

Well, I woke up feeling a little nervous. Thinking about the future. Thinking about my goals and how I will accomplish them. Feeling some anxiety about it, my chest feeling tight along with racing thoughts. Thinking about things I can’t control. Thinking about things that I probably “shouldn’t”. Thinking about wanting to be in the future and all I have to do to get there. Worrying if I will finish this challenge because I tend not to finish what I start. Just thinking way too much.

I was watching Super Soul Sunday, Oprah was interviewing Deepak Chopra in India. What caught my attention was when he was explaining his practice of becoming a monk. So, the last thing the monk said to him on his last day of his mission- that out of everything that you’ve have learned, aside from all the books, talks, etc you must remember to stay in the present moment. “Now is the moment that never ends.” The present is all we have. It is always now. Whatever we do now is what is relevant, not the past or the future.

I reflected on what he said for a minute and I felt his words because thinking about the future or the past doesn’t help us but what we do in the now in the present moment is what will. Which brings me to my intention for the day…

My intention for today is to stay present by focusing on what I am doing and bring passion to it. Giving it all I’ve got. Staying present in what I hope to accomplish today. Speaking and thinking positive about myself. I will try not to worry about what I don’t have and want or what will or won’t happen. I will breathe and let things be by letting go. So today, if I feel some anxiety about anything I’ll remember to breathe because it shall pass and continue on.

Update on yesterday’s intention: I did manage to organize my space a little there is more to go. As far as the scheduling of what I have to do it’s getting there. Step by step. Consistency is the plan.



Writing Challenge ~30 day

Day 1: 10 minute prompt: My intention for today is…


My intention for today is to organize and clean my space. It is cluttered, messy and not the way I want it to look. The saying goes, a cluttered room= a cluttered mind. And I have been feeling this way- that my mind is in chaos. Thinking of all I have to do, look for, achieve, maintain, decide, be, do. And it feels very confusing which is why I am starting all these writing challenges, which seem to align oddly enough and will help me work on being consistent and will help me organize myself and my thoughts. But there are no coincidences rights? And you break a habit in 21 days right?

Now I have to set up a schedule to achieve writing/career goals…

I want to write more and express myself through writing and be real and be vulnerable and not care what people think because damn it I do care which doesn’t allow me to be vulnerable and say, “I don’t think I am a good writer” but I want to be. I think my grammar sucks but I want to get better. I self edit thinking of others as I write. And then I write too fast, my brain, my thoughts work faster than my handwriting does. So I make mistakes. And I am learning to be okay with all of it. Be okay with all of my flaws.

But wait this prompt is about my intention for the day, so yea, my intention is to clean and organize my space first and then make up a schedule that will help me align and accomplish my goals. And this too: